Is acne stressing you out? Our acne treatment clinic can help.

If you are suffering from acne, chances are you’ve tried everything under the sun and can’t seem to shake it. Skin problems can knock your self-esteem and it can be so disheartening when seemingly nothing yields results. Our acne treatment clinic is adept at resolving even the most persistent cases of acne—for people of all ages and all skin types. Skin challenges, such as pimples and acne, are usually caused by a combination of genetics, hormonal changes, diet, general health and stress. Even environmental factors can play a role. Don’t suffer in silence, take advantage of our team of experienced medically-trained skin doctors and qualified Dermal Therapists in our acne treatment clinic. They’ll help you to understand what’s driving your skin challenges and, through effective treatments, support you to finally regain control of your skin.
  • Acne diagnosis
  • Medically sound treatment plans
  • Clinically proven results
  • Face and body acne

What you can expect

You’ll start with one of our acne treatment clinic doctors who will conduct an assessment of your skin and ask you some specific questions designed to help them decipher the root cause of your acne challenges. From here your doctor, in conjunction with one of our dermal therapists, will formulate a personalised skin rejuvenation plan. This may include a number of our different treatment options supported by a home plan of medical grade skincare. It is possible to achieve the clear skin you desire and it’s closer than you might think. For more information on acne, including skincare, treatments and what causes it, visit our sister website Skin Alert.

Rewrite your skin history… cross out acne.

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